Beko plc champions action plan to reduce environmental impact

Beko plc, the owner of white goods brand Beko, has announced that it is a founding member of a national plan to reduce the environmental impact of household appliances.

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The Electrical and Electronic Sustainability Action Plan (esap) is being backed by 50 businesses to extend the life of consumer products through changes to product design, manufacture, sales, repair, re-use and recycling.

Beko’s support for the plan is part of its long-standing commitment to more efficient use of natural resources and climate change mitigation, the brand says. Beko UK plc managing director Ragip Balcioglu commented: “I’m proud that Beko is a founding member of esap and continues to lead the way for the white goods sector in this important area. By supporting esap, we hope to extend this work as part of a coordinated business and industry effort to reduce environmental impacts. It is important that large companies like Beko UK plc back initiatives that can help make a positive difference to the world our children will live in.”

WRAP, a not-for-profit organisation that works in partnership to help businesses, individuals and communities improve resource efficiency, will lead esap on behalf of UK governments. It will help companies throughout the electrical appliance eco-system to work collaboratively across the product life-cycle – from design and manufacture, sale and service, to re-use and recycling.

WRAP director Marcus Gover said: “I’m delighted that Beko UK Plc is taking an active role in esap. By making better use of resources, Beko UK plc and others can reduce the environmental impact of products, deliver economic value and bring benefits to consumers. Esap offers an opportunity to add value to and accelerate positive change in the electrical goods sector.”