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  • AMDEA announces ‘prize season’ at Register My Appliance

    By ieradmin on October 13, 2016
    From Tuesday November 1, many leading appliance manufacturers will be rewarding those customers who register their appliances, by entering them into free prize draws, industry body AMDEA has announced. Registering new machines or simply ones that they already own on will provide the chance to win a range of luxury home and lifestyle prizes. This prize bonanza, from participating […]
  • Looking forward

    By IER on January 24, 2013
    The start of a new year always brings the promise of new beginnings and this year is no exception. As a trade association AMDEA has to be aware of pending changes that might affect its members and 2013 is going to bring quite a few of these. This month Douglas Herbison, Amdea’s chief executive, discusses the prospects for AMDEA and […]
  • New qualifications

    By IER on November 9, 2012
    The apprenticeship model was first set up in the Middle Ages; virtually replaced by formal educational establishments in the 19th century; sort of reinstated in the 1960s; and now offers a year long training scheme with a state subsidy.  This month Sian Lewis of AMDEA looks at the perennial challenge of how we pass on skills for the future. The […]
  • The case of the Swiss coffee machine

    By IER on October 12, 2012
    An increasing number of European households now have some kind of machine for brewing coffee so this was one of many products under recent consideration for a European Energy Labelling Regulation.  This month Sian Lewis of AMDEA looks at why coffee machine energy labels may be only for the Swiss. The EU Energy Label was first introduced in the 1990s […]
  • Labels online

    By IER on June 20, 2012
    The Energy Labelling Directive requires energy label information to be made available online as well as in shops but leaves it to retailers to decide how they do this. A newly proposed Regulation would specify how this information should appear on websites, advises Sian Lewis of AMDEA. The recast Energy Labelling Directive was transposed into UK law in 2011. One […]
  • Smart energy

    By IER on May 15, 2012
    The government wants all UK homes to have new energy meters within the next seven years as the first step towards an integrated ‘smart grid’. This is to help ensure that our growing demand for energy can be met by future supply. This month Douglas Herbison, AMDEA’s chief executive, explores the options open to energy suppliers and consumers if ‘smart […]
  • On the campaign trail

    By IER on April 18, 2012
    There are many different trade associations and they offer a surprisingly diverse range of services to their members. For the majority of us a key aspect of our work is promotion of our industry. This month Douglas Herbison, chief executive of AMDEA, describes how AMDEA performs this role. The products manufactured by AMDEA members cross the whole spectrum of domestic […]
  • To register or not to register

    By IER on March 5, 2012
    At the beginning of this year the government issued a consultation document asking for comments on their plans for a statutory register of lobbyists. This month Douglas Herbison, AMDEA’s chief executive, looks at the pros and cons of such a register and what it might mean for trade associations. Politicians have never been the most popular section of society but […]
  • Safe and sound

    By IER on February 9, 2012
    Consumers take it for granted that the products that they buy are safe.  This month, Douglas Herbison, AMDEA’s chief executive, gives an overview of the complex system of legislation and standards that is continually reviewed and updated to ensure that their confidence is justified. In Europe there are many EU Directives related to product safety matters, with even more requirements […]
  • It’s the little things

    By IER on January 12, 2012
    AMDEA is the UK trade association for domestic appliance manufacturers.  Many people assume that this means large appliances such as cookers and washing machines but AMDEA members also make a range of small appliances. This month AMDEA’S Sian Lewis looks at the range of household gadgets available on the market that are subject to energy and safety regulations. Small appliances […]