CIH hosts digital marketing workshop for Euronics agents

Electrical buying group Combined Independents (Holdings) Ltd (CIH), part of Euronics, held the first part of its Independent Digital Education Programme, an AdWords workshop, exclusively for Euronics agents in Central London on February 2.

Sponsored by Euronics supplier Electrolux, the informal workshop focused on a number of topics, including an introduction to search engine marketing, building an effective AdWords campaign, and support for future AdWords marketing. Electrolux senior digital marketing and eCommerce professional ‎Luke Wallace alongside CIH AdWord and email marketing specialist Jason Leith guided the audience through the programme, offering step-by-step instructions, plus expert advice on each topic.

CIH reveals that the three hour interactive workshop provided hands-on software experience, as well as sharing stories of past digital experiences, including both successful and not-so-successful campaigns. Each attendee was supported further and awarded with an AdWords voucher to kick-off their campaigns.

CIH digital marketing coordinator Heidi Andrews commented: “The marketing landscape is changing rapidly. We are all short of time to invest in our businesses and get our heads around the new tools available, so this is the first of many programmes, from which we hope that all our agents will benefit.

“We received excellent and very positive feedback from all those who attended the workshop and really hope it makes a difference to their business in this fast changing digital world. CIH proposes to offer a number of independent education programmes throughout the year to support our agents in developing their businesses.”