Haier to unveil double level Duo washing machine

Haier is set to unveil the Haier Duo washing machine at the IFA 2015 trade show in Berlin, Germany.

Haier claims that the dual-drum washing machine is the first of its kind and offers users a much-improved washing experience, catering in particular for families who regularly have unexpected extra laundry needs. The washing machine boasts an A+++ -30% energy efficiency rating and can also be managed via a digital user interface, with internet connectivity allowing for remote control on a mobile device. Haier will present Haier Duo at its stand throughout IFA 2015.

Haier Duo

Haier says that its research revealed that its users wash, on average, 220 loads of laundry over the course of a year, equivalent to more than 330 hours washing time. This also means that users spend a considerable amount of time waiting for washing cycles to end, often waiting to start a new cycle with different colours or fabrics that cannot be mixed together in a single cycle, Haier adds. Thanks to its dual-drum design, the Haier Duo washing machine allows users to start two different cycles in the upper and lower drum, operating simultaneously or non-simultaneously according to the need of the user. Colours and whites can therefore be washed at the same time, or a selection of different fabrics such as wools and cottons.

The Haier Duo washing machine has two front doors, with the two drums allowing up to 12kg of laundry to be washed simultaneously (upper drum: 4kg; lower drum: 8kg), with a range of programmes available on each drum (upper drum: 12 programmes; lower drum: 18 programmes).

Each drum is powered by its own circular beltless motor connected directly to the drum, with each motor covered by a 10-year warranty. Only one water mains inlet is required to supply both drums, Haier notes.

The Haier Duo washing machine can be managed via its digital user interface, a seven-inch TFT touchscreen on the front of the washing machine. The interface offers easy management and setting of the upper and lower drums, laundry programme customisation, an on-screen usage guide and global information for better laundry care, Haier says.

The interface can also be controlled remotely on a smartphone or tablet through an internet connection.