LG works with Instragram artist to showcase ‘Wallpaper’ TV

LG Electronics unveiled a Paper-thin Home’ at Old Spitalfields Market to celebrate the launch of its LG SIGNATURE OLED W “Wallpaper” TV on Sunday, May 28.

The LG Paper-thin Home features regular household items which have been slimmed down to paper cutouts, alongside the TV itself.

Instagram influencer and artist Paperboyo, who traditionally uses paper props to transform the world’s most famous landmarks into comical scenes, will also make his mark on the Home. Over the course of the day, Paperboyo was on hand to host workshops that taught visitors how to recreate his signature style through paper, scissors and smart photography, in addition to sharing a series of short Instagram films showing how the Paper-thin Home inspired new ideas in his signature style.

Paperboyo Rich McCor commented: “Capturing an accurate illusion takes some practice and lots of experimenting with new angles, prop placement and depth of field. Collaborating with LG has given me the opportunity to not only inspire a larger than life concept in the form of the LG Paper-thin Home, but also share my technique and passion with others through the workshops.”

LG Electronics UK marketing director Carolyn Anderson added: “LG is dedicated to continuously evolving its product line-up and setting new benchmarks in the home entertainment category. We set out to create a product which not only boasts astounding design, but also delivers a truly life-like picture, so good that it even appears to give the experience of gazing out of a window, which the Wallpaper TV achieves. The LG Paper-thin Home is a fun way to showcase this new innovation and bring it to life.”